Can You Catch the Raven? Play RavenHunt and Win!

Can You Catch the Raven? Play RavenHunt and Win!

Win a free Flip MinoHD video camera, a one year Pro subscription to Raven and a RavenHunt t-shirt!

All you have to do is play our new game: RavenHunt! RavenHunt is an online scavenger hunt where each day this week we’ll provide you with a riddle you’ll need to solve. Clues are hidden on the top blogs in the industry and on Friday if you are able to unscramble the clues we give you, you could win a handful of great prizes!

The first riddle is already up on our Facebook page, and throughout the week we’re releasing hints to help you out on our Twitter account! If you find a RavenHunt clue hidden on one of the participating blogs you’ll get two things:

  1. The name of the blog the next clue is hidden on (the riddle as to where the clue is hidden will be released the following day)
  2. A letter that you’ll need to keep for Friday

On Friday you’ll be asked to unscramble the letters you were given and fill out the form on the final clue. The first clue is hidden on the Outspoken Media blog! Good luck! Be sure to tweet about it using the hash-tag #RavenHunt.

  • Sam Wayne

    Heh) I prefer real crowhunting) //airsoft stuff))