Business Development That’s Super Simple


Marketing websites, increasing conversions and developing relationships with your clients all have their own challenges.

But finding and winning the business in the first place might be the biggest challenge of them all.

Oftentimes, business development requires that you take time, money and resources away from existing projects to focus on researching and writing proposals for clients you don’t even have yet.

Worse yet, you might not be familiar with their industry, you likely don’t have access to their website or social accounts, and you can’t even bill them for all of the work you’re doing.

But Raven software can help.

In this 40-minute recording, learn the qualities of a compelling new business pitch, the types of data and analysis to include in your proposal and the specific Raven online marketing research tools and features that make this process faster and more efficient – and help you grow your business.

  • At 3:15, learn the qualities of successful business development pitches.
  • At 6:15, see the Raven tools that can help your proposals – even if you don’t have access to your prospects’ accounts.
  • At 7:12, walk through creating a business development proposal in Raven.
  • At 23:17, watch a live demo of Raven’s report templates and learn how they can cut the time you spend on biz dev by half – or more.

What Makes a Successful Proposal?

The best business development proposals have a few major themes in common. Here are the important highlights to hit:

  • Demonstrate opportunity: No matter what type of service you’re offering, present your data in a way that addresses your potential client’s goals and shows how they’ll reach them.
  • Get specific: You understand your industry. You prospects know theirs. Shaping your proposal to your potential client and their needs will make it easier for your clients to understand why you’re the best fit.
  • Think ahead: What are your client’s goals? Why aren’t they meeting them now? Don’t just be critical; think about the desired results and how you’ll reach them.
  • Balance quantitative and qualitative analysis: Don’t just present data and numbers. Tell a story. Make a case for why a company needs better online marketing and how your unique approach is the best way to grow their business.
  • Be compelling: Start building your new relationship in the pitch itself. Make a case for how your client can grow their business online, then ask them to dream with you. This will help bridge the gap between your data and the actual “sell” in your proposal.

Raven Tools That Can Help

After you watch the video, you’ll probably want a simple list of tools that can kickstart your biz dev proposal – including the initial research and analysis of your prospect’s website, industry and opportunity. Start with:

  • Site Performance: Instantly use 20+ key metrics to gage a website’s overall marketing health. Identify problem areas and add competitors for side-by-side comparisons.
  • Research Central (URL query): Pull in-depth analytics on a site’s backlinks, keywords, design, quality and more.
  • Research Central (keyword query): Start with the Summary, Competitors and AdWords tabs to quickly identify new keyword opportunities and competition levels.
  • Site Auditor: Crawl a website and discover dozens of types of on-site issues, errors and technical opportunities to make a site more visible for humans and search engines alike. (Remember: Auditor’s crawls are based off the URL of the Raven “Campaign” you’re managing at that time.)
  • Backlink Explorer: Uncover 50,000 backlinks for any URL or domain. Does it look like your prospect’s link profile is healthy? How high- or low-quality are their competitor’s links?
  • Site Finder: See the strongest links for the top ranking results of any keyword. What types of outreach or content could you create to receive similar, valuable links for your prospect?
  • Social Monitor: Who’s talking about your (or your competitor’s) brand online? Are the mentions positive or negative? What about a keyword or industry hot topic? What types of conversations can your prospect join and problems can they solve to improve their social marketing?
  • Report Templates: Speed up your reporting by creating a re-usable framework of the data you’ll need to research – and ultimately win – new clients.
  • Interactive Reports: First, create a report for yourself of all the data you need to analyze to understand how you can help your potential client. Then, create a beautiful, custom branded report that makes your pitch in minutes, not hours.

Don’t forget – none of these tools require client access or any type of authorization. If you’re able to get client logins for things like social accounts or Google Analytics, you can do even more for business development in Raven.

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