Big Brands Come To URL Shorteners


Big Brands Come To URL Shorteners

Last week we told you about launching, the branded URL shortener for The Tennessean, and the big news of today is the fact that Coke has launched a shortener of their own, While it makes sense from a brand standpoint to do this to keep your brand intact across all social channels, their choice of URL is a bit baffling, especially given the length. When characters are at a premium, as they are in Twitter, adding those extra 8-10 characters does really come into play.

What would I have done in this situation? Well, of course! With the amount of resources the company has at their disposal, it probably would’ve been extremely easy for the company to secure that domain, if they don’t own it already, and could’ve saved some very precious characters in the process. Plus, just looks cool. Very cool, actually.

Mashable reported on Coke jumping into shortening foray today, and also thinks the concept is a great idea.

Coke moving to its own shortener is a big deal in this little corner of the Internet. While for most people, tinyurl,, or any other third-party service will continue to be more than sufficient, big brands and celebs certainly have an opportunity to benefit by launching their own shortener. With the relative ease with which it can be done, expect Coke to be far from the last major name to go this route.

Hopefully we’ll see many big brands jumping in during the next few weeks and months, and it will be even more interesting to see what domains they come up with. Want to do a shortener for yourself or your company? Check out this list of top level domains and have fun coming up with possibilities for your brand!

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