Build better links with Raven's Link Manager and CRM

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Build better links with Raven’s Link Manager and CRM

We don’t build links anymore, we build relationships. (To be fair, it’s always been this way).

So the real information we need when documenting our link building efforts is more about the relationship we’re working on and less about the anchor text (you can debate on how important/not important that is in the comments).

That’s why it only made sense for us at Raven to integrate our new CRM tool into the Link Manager.

Let’s take this step by step: how do we use the CRM to build those all-so-important link relationships?

Let’s say that I’m in a local Nashville band, and I’m looking to build relationships (and links! and PR!) with local and regional music blogs.

I know that one of the most popular bands in the area is called The Features, so I start out by doing a little research in Backlink Explorer to find out who’s linking to The Features site. Within that result, I find a few relevant sites that I’d like to build a relationship with. Let’s add those sites to the Link Manager as queued links.


Now I have some basic information to help me start working on building a relationship with this site owner: site metrics to ensure domain relevancy and a creation date to help me keep up with the “timeline” of the process.

From here, I can edit the link and start gathering more information.


Next I’ll use some Raven features to answer logical questions that’ll help me dive deeper into this site.

  • Type: What type of website is this – a music blog? An alternative newspaper site? Create a custom type if need be.
  • Description: Do I need to describe this link to keep my efforts organized?
  • Content: Is there content that I’ve already created in the Content Manager I need to associate with this link?
  • Contact: Do I know who the contact is for this site? If not, I can run the “discover contacts” option to find someone there.


From the contact tab in the link record, I can see the contact I associated with the record when I first edited it. Here I can see Matt’s name, his email address, even a photo or avatar of Matt. It’s nice to put a name and a face together before you even start your outreach, isn’t it?

Now I can either click on Matt’s name and go into his contact record to add or edit any further information, or click on his email address to reach out to him right from the link record.


The nice thing about starting a message right from the link record is that you’ll have an archive of whatever messages you’ve sent stored in the CRM. This is really handy when you’re building relationships with many different people all at once.

With these two tools now working hand in hand, I have the full circle of my relationship building documented: link research, contact discovery, relevant link information, research and the association of link records to contact records.

I can even create tasks across the two tools, to remind either myself or someone on my team to follow up with a specific link opportunity. In this example, I may set myself a task to remind myself that I need to reach back out to Matt. I can even set that task to recur over any number of days.


I wish I had this one-two punch when I was doing link building. Let me know how you’re using Raven’s CRM in the comments.

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Alison Groves was the former User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

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