Why To Be Best Friends with Website Audits


Before you start an online marketing campaign, you need to audit your website. Why?

  1. You’ll discover the starting line.
  2. You’ll make better decisions about where to put the finish line.

See how Raven can help with website audits in this guided video tour. You’ll learn:

  • Why site audits are critical for marketing success
  • That the process of a site audit is simple
  • How to easily perform a site audit in Raven
  • What to do after you’ve completed a site audit

This 30-minute session will teach you how to get the most from Raven’s tools that automatically X-ray your site’s health, as well as specific strategies for reporting results, prioritizing problem fixes and next steps to optimize your website.

Even more audit resources

Want more on auditing? Here are a few choice posts:

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