Did you know? Auto-import links from Google Analytics

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Did you know? Auto-import links from Google Analytics

Pop quiz!

How many ways can you add links to Link Manager in Raven?



We’ll give you some scroll time to think about it….



Got your answer?



The answer?

There are 8 different ways you can add links to Raven.

  1. You can add links manually
  2. You can import a CSV
  3. You can add links from Raven’s research tools including Backlink Explorer
  4. …or Research Central at Research > Research Central > Backlinks.
  5. …or Site Finder at Links > Site Finder.
  6. You can add links from our Chrome toolbar.
  7. You can upload links using the Raven API.
  8. And you can auto-import Google referrers into Link Manager.
  9. That last one is the one I’ll focus on today.

    How to set up auto-import for links

    If you want to capture organic links automatically, auto-importing is a great option. In fact, it’s the only option that doesn’t require any action from you once it’s set up.

    Here’s how to activate it for a campaign:

    1. Connect a Google Profile to this campaign if you haven’t already.
    2. Go to Metrics > Google Analytics.
      metrics google analytics
    3. Click the Customize Tool icon.
      google analytics customize tool icon
    4. Check “Enable” under Auto-Import.Auto-Import_option.png
    5. Click the Save Changes button.

    That’s it!

    When Google captures a new referral for your website, it will be added automatically as a link record in Link Manager.

    How’d you do on the pop quiz?

    Did you know about the auto-import option?

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