Apple WWDC Predictions


Apple WWDC Predictions

What self-respecting Apple geek could pass up the opportunity to make predictions about what may or may not be announced at Steve’s keynote Monday morning? Certainly not me. Everyone else is doing it. So, without further delay . . .

  1. Widget development kit for the iPhone. It’s way to early for Apple to release a full-on developer API for the iPhone. They’ve barely had enough time to write their own software let alone make it open for third parties to tap into. In lieu of that, I expect some sort of widget API to be announced.
  2. New Finder in Leopard. The Finder is long overdue for an overhaul and a new look. Microsoft has been busy touting the “innovative” user experience of Vista. I think it’s time Apple answers back.
  3. New .Mac. I wasn’t holding out much hope in Apple reviving its ailing .Mac service, but after Steve’s comments at D last week, it may just happen after all.
  4. No new hardware. I hate to say it, but I think WWDC will be all about software this year: Leopard, iPhone widgets, and .Mac. We all know that the iMac (and Mac Mini?) is due for a refresh . . . but not yet.

So, that’s what I think will go down. But is it what I’m hoping for? Sure, I’d love to see my first three predictions come true, but what I really want is for Steve to hold up his hand and say “Oh, there’s one more thing…” I want my MacBook Thin. Give it a 13″ LED screen, 1440×900 resolution, and enough horse power to drive a 30″ cinema display. Throw in a 60GB SSDD, make it less than four pounds, and I’ll hand over my money right now. I can dream, right?

We’ll know for sure on Monday.

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