Announcing the RavenHunt Winners!

Announcing the RavenHunt Winners!

Last Friday at midnight marked the end of our first RavenHunt scavenger hunt. We had such a great time setting this game up, and hope you all enjoyed playing it. Before we announce the winners, we’d like to first send out a BIG thank you to the blogs who helped us run the game:

Without the help of those awesome blogs (who you should be subscribing to if you aren’t already), RavenHunt wouldn’t have been possible. If you’re interested in having your blog participate in the next RavenHunt shoot me an emailĀ (taylor -at- raventools -dot- com).

And now onto the winners!

  1. Ben Cook (@Skitzzo) – Ben wins a FlipMino HD 120 minute camera, 1 year Pro subscription to Raven and an official RavenHunt t-shirt!
  2. Eric King (@ericking) – Eric wins a 6 month Pro subscription to Raven and an official RavenHunt t-shirt!
  3. Lyndsay Walker (@lyndseo) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  4. Chris Carroll (@grumpyhawk) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  5. Jon Parker (@jonbparker) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  6. Mike Hernalsteen (@mikehernalsteen) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  7. Nate Griffin (@Nate_Griffin) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  8. John Faris (@jfaris) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  9. Joe Leyba (@joeleyba) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  10. Jen Lopez (@jennita) – RavenHunt t-shirt

Big congratulations to Ben Cook and Eric King for snatching up the top prizes. Don’t worry if you didn’t win a prize this time, we’ll be running RavenHunt again soon, so stay tuned!

  • Earl Simpson

    When will there be another hunt? Are you going to reveal the answers to the first hunt?


  • Taylor Pratt

    The next hunt will take place sometime in March or early April. Look forward to a recap post this coming Monday! Sorry for the delay in getting it up I was speaking and attending SMX West.