Anniversaries, an office move and yodeling

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Anniversaries, an office move and yodeling

I did the math on my fingers, and today is my Six Month and Two Day Anniversary.

Office Desk Boxes
Why open the boxes with the new desks when you're just going to move them next door? That's like making the bed.

In fact, several of us are celebrating six months or a little less as Raven employees. This company is growing so quickly that we’re expanding to more office space next door. It’s a temporary move — we’re going to need even more room in a few months (stay tuned for personnel updates!) — but a move, nonetheless.

Devs and our customer support team will stay in the existing office, while Jon, Jeff and I head to the new digs. Patrick will split time between both offices.

We all have feelings about it. To wit:


Most looking forward to: relative isolation.
Least looking forward to: relative isolation that includes Jon.


Most looking forward to: not having to move. Moving is such a pain!
Least looking forward to: Yammer catching on fire.


Most looking forward to: having room for more developers.
Least looking forward to: having to walk next door because your Internet isn’t working.


Most looking forward to: a better Red Bull-to-employee ratio.
Least looking forward to: braving the cold to get a lunch consensus.


Most looking forward to: building a string-and-can telephone to communicate between the offices.
Least looking forward to: missing out on Jon’s opera singing and yodeling.


Most looking forward to: not having to work off a small table next to Jon’s desk when I come to Nashville.
Least looking forward to: Jon’s random noises and bouncing.


Most looking forward to: moving away from the bathroom door.
Least looking forward to: setting up PVC pipe to transfer messages between the buildings. I am very worried the messages might get stuck. Who is going to get them out? We will have to get a badger, and then people will think it’s a mascot. That just won’t work.


Most looking forward to: using a bathroom that’s not used by developers.
Least looking forward to: change. Change frightens and scares me.


Most looking forward to: not having to yell that I want to punch Jon 10 times a day.
Least looking forward to: not having to yell that I want to punch Jon 10 times a day.


Most looking forward to: finally being free of developers spontaneously bursting out in song singing “The Final Countdown.”
Least looking forward to: moving the gigantic whiteboard we just bought. It might need its own office.

Giant Whiteboard
This is the new whiteboard. We can show you what's written on it, but we would have to kill you.
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