An Interview with Manda Otto - Senior Communications Manager for the NBCF


An Interview with Manda Otto – Senior Communications Manager for the NBCF

Before Christmas we had the pleasure of interviewing Manda Otto. Manda is the Senior Communications Manager for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Describe how you first got started in Internet Marketing.

I started managing PPC for an online directory back in 2004. After that it was all for curiosity’s sake. I picked up a few books, started reading a few blogs and it was all downhill from there. I loved connecting the dots and being able to seeing my clients get more business because of it.

As Senior Communications Manager for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, what does your typical day look like?

Right now I’m doing a lot of spring-cleaning, reviewing a lot of what we have been doing thus far and trying to find room for improvement. We’ve always allowed our community to be our main vehicle so we’re trying to find ways to make the vehicle run more smoothly. Lots of research going on. It’s very much like Dexter’s laboratory.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has a powerful online community. In your experience, what are the main benefits of such a large user base?

Our community was really created to give people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer a place to voice their concerns and offer support to others who may be going through the same. Our entire mission is to encourage others to share their stories, instill hope, and hopefully change some lives for the better. It’s amazing really, the community was started by our organization but it’s the users who have made it what it is.

Describe how you utilize Social Media to reach out to your target audience.

Social Media has become one of our most powerful and important tools to voice our message. It’s given us a soundboard to reach people through channels they are most comfortable using in their everyday lives. This has made it much easier for others to not only be a part of the cause but also spread the message to the people in their own network. The message has taken on a life of it’s own.

How does providing Social Media services for a non-profit differ from providing services for a standard client?

Prior to working for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I worked with your traditional BtoB clients where the ROI had a dollar value to it. Social Media was used to monitor brand reputation and addressing feedback. There really isn’t much of a difference in the non-profit world. We monitor our brand and address people who are in need just the same.

How would you advise other non-profits looking to take the leap into Internet Marketing in 2010?

Social Media is where it’s at for non-profit organizations. People will congregate and share their stories on their own. It’s really about making yourself available to listen and offer support in an environment that feels more natural to your audience.

How has Raven helped you with managing your online campaigns for the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

I love the social monitoring tool and the reports it sends me daily. As we’ve been ramping up our Social Media, it’s been a great tool to gauge the effectiveness of our efforts. I’m also a huge fan of the forum search tool, again, allowing us ears in places that would require much more research than I have time for in a given day. We’re a big fan of Raven Tools here at NBCF.

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