AirCurve = Awesome


AirCurve = Awesome

I came back from lunch today to a nice, shiny package on my chair. A package with a return address of Griffin Technology can only mean one thing, geek toys! Griffin is a local technology company that creates fun things for your iPod and other mp3 players such as cases, adapters for your car, portable speaker systems, and headphones that all have amazing design and functionality. So when I read on Twitter that Griffin was offering a discount for their friends on Facebook, I had to order something. Yup, I’m pretty much a sucker for all things social media and discounts. Mix the two together and it has a powerful hold over me.

I had been hearing rumblings about something called the AirCurve, which is described as an “acoustic amplifier for iPhone”. Fueled by intrigue, I purchased one from the site using my Facebook discount code and have been playing around with it this afternoon. The unit is a solid plastic block that has channels running inside of it that look like a cross between the inside of your ear and an ant farm. The result is something that requires no power yet really does indeed amplify the sound from your iPhone’s speaker. I personally bought it as an alarm clock solution so that I can have one less thing plugged in around my house, but I can see how it would be a great tool to use at your desk, in the kitchen, anywhere you need a super easy portable music solution. Many thanks to Griffin for the discount and all of the work you do around town to support the tech community.

(And yes, I spent several minutes googling “alarm clock power consumption” to see if I could find out just how much power they use. Couldn’t find the answer. Sounds like someone needs a little SEO.)

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