New Feature: Google AdWords Reporting and Management


New Feature: Google AdWords Reporting and Management

First there was SEO, then there was Social, and now there is Ads.

Today we’re launching Advertising Tools, a major addition to Raven’s Internet marketing platform. Our initial focus is on Google AdWords, but we will be adding more advertising tools in the coming months.

AdWords Reporting

The ability to report on AdWords campaigns is one of our most popular requests. The addition of AdWords reporting closes the loop for many of our customers, because it provides everything they need to create one cohesive Internet marketing report for their clients and managers.

The AdWords campaign performance data is available in the Metrics section.

Metrics Section

To view AdWords data in the Metrics section, your Google Analytics account will need to be linked to AdWords. When the account is linked, Raven will display an aggregate campaign summary, along with a list of the active campaigns.

Metric Summary for AdWords

The Metrics interface allows you to drill down to individual Ad Groups. If you want to create a PDF report, simply click on the Build report icon.

Build Report Icon

You can also use the Report Wizard to create AdWords reports, and include them in a comprehensive report that includes a cover sheet, table of contents and other campaign efforts, such as link building, social media management and email marketing.

Custom Report Builder

The result is a professional PDF AdWords report.

PDF Report

AdWords Management

Coupled with the new AdWords reporting is our new AdWords management tool. The tool is located in the new Ads section.

Ads Section

The tool provides a summary of your campaigns, and allows you to make changes to each campaign. For example, you can pause and start campaigns and add, edit or remove ad groups, keywords and ads.

Managing Ad Groups in a Campaign

You can easily update the settings of most campaign options.

AdWords Settings

There are several advantages to using Raven’s AdWords manager. One of them is that everyone on your account can access your AdWords campaigns with one account. (Of course, if you don’t want people to access your AdWords campaigns, you can deny or limit their access in our Role Manager.) Another advantage is centralization. You no longer have to go directly to Google AdWords to make changes to a campaign. Everything can be done right inside of Raven.

We are just getting started with our AdWords integration, so please submit your feedback and feature requests to help us make it even better for you!

Feature Request Form

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