A Fun Night at SEOmoz's PubCon Werewolf Game

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A Fun Night at SEOmoz’s PubCon Werewolf Game

SEOmoz hosted a Werewolf game last night — with a twist. Instead of having Werewolves, they had Black Hats. They also renamed the game to Search Spam.

The game was played with a special deck of cards. Each card represented either a White Hat or a Black Hat, along with two special cards. Those cards were the Gracious Granter of Re-inclusion (aka Danny Sullivan) and the Revealer of Hats (aka Matt Cutts — who was also there playing the game!). The rules are too tedious to explain here, but if you’re interested you can check them out at the Rules for Are You A Werewolf? page.

The entire event was a lot of fun. We had an excellent game moderator from SEOmoz, Sarah Bird, who was incredibly nice and fun to play the game with. As the game went on, our table eventually morphed Search Spam into a drinking game, which was easily the best experience by far. Thanks to SEOmoz for hosting the event. It was definitely a memorable night and Scott and I enjoyed meeting many of the people there.


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