A Free Font Site That Gets It Right

A Free Font Site That Gets It Right

When I was first asked to write a sponsored review for a new free font website, I expected to see another quickly slapped together site that had static font samples and a difficult download process. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Urban Fonts was nothing like I expected.

Built with a modern look and feel, Urban Fonts offers a refreshing way to find, sample and download fonts. The interface is clean and the AJAX features allow you to quickly determine which font is right for you.

Finding Fonts

If you’re looking for a particular font, then the search feature will work well for you. However, Urban Fonts really shines when you browse for fonts. For example, placing your cursor over a font name in a list will automatically show you what the font looks like.

Computer Font Style

Font Previews

Previewing fonts is robust and simple. When you visit a specific font page, several tools are offered for previewing the font. In fact, you can sample any font with the following features:

  • Custom Preview Text
  • Custom Colors
    • Text
    • Background
  • Viewing Options
    • Character Set
    • Sample Text
    • AaBbCc
    • Font Name
  • Casing
    • Aa
    • AA
    • aa

There’s a lot to like about Urban Fonts, well beyond the search and preview features. For example, I really appreciate the fact that it doesn’t require that I create an account to download files. I’m also pleased that most of the fonts are available in both Mac and Windows formats.

Other features of the site include fonts for purchase, a ton of dingbats, a blog and a forum. Many people will enjoy the blog, because it discusses the history of fonts and offers interesting typography tips.

If you often find yourself in need of new fonts, then Urban Fonts is worth being in your bookmark list.

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

  • Mark

    I used to go to 1001FreeFonts.com, but I like the layout and access of this UrbanFonts.com MUCH better! Not to mention that they show links for both Windows AND Mac versions of each font (since I have both a Mac and a PC, that’s great news to me!)

    Thanks Jon for posting the link! I’ve already bookmarked it.