8 Ways to Get Thousands of Blog Subscribers


8 Ways to Get Thousands of Blog Subscribers

Dosh Dosh, a quickly rising personality in the world of search marketing, recently posted a blog entry announcing over 10,000 subscribers. Dosh Dosh’s simple advice was to “Minimize noise. Maximize signal.” The blog entry listed eight (accidental?) strategies that were used to achieve this. They included:

  1. No Feedcount
  2. No Guest Posting
  3. No Contests/Projects
  4. No Advertising
  5. No Incentives
  6. No Guest bloggers
  7. No Digg frontpages
  8. No Frequent Posting

Dosh DoshOne thing that I felt was missing from the list was “branding.” Dosh Dosh has excellent branding. From the name “Dosh Dosh” to the Japanese influenced anime girls, Dosh Dosh has built a strong and interesting brand.

However, there are things in the list I would change, or at the very least qualify…


We’re planning on doing some interesting projects. I’m not going to go into detail about it right now, but it will be something that’s new and fresh — which leads me to believe it will positively affect our subscriber base, not deter it. As for contests, meh.


There’s been a lot of things written lately about the effectiveness of traffic from social networks. Many people see it as a great source of instant traffic, but not a source of long term readership. We’ve experienced the opposite, especially when the content that is made “popular” is a tool or something the user can use over and over. However, Digg in particular is not our favorite source of traffic.

Frequent Posting

If your blog entries aren’t going to have any interesting information in them, then you should definitely lay off frequent posting. However, if you really do have something to say, and you think it will be of interest to your core audience, you shouldn’t hesitate to write about it. Not only that, it’s also beneficial to organic search engine performance.

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