5 significant link values to monitor with Raven’s new ‘link clips’

5 significant link values to monitor with Raven’s new ‘link clips’

Link building. The words send chills up your spine when you think of all the work that’s involved in the process. From finding the right links to go after to monitoring the links you’ve just acquired — it’s ridiculous just how time consuming it can be.

But all of that hard work can pay off. With all that time you’re investing in acquiring an authoritative link, you want to make sure you it’s a link that has value over time.

Wiep Knol has a great article that analyzes various link value factors that you should pay attention to so you can maximize the types of links you’re building. Coupled with Raven’s link clip feature, identifying the value of your links just got easier.

Let’s take a look at which link value factors you can keep track of with Raven.

1. Anchor text

This is arguably one of the most important link value factors. This is what you’ve worked so hard to acquire: a relevant link with optimized anchor text. Now that you’ve gotten your link set up, it’s important that the anchor text of that link remains intact. Raven’s link monitoring feature can alert you of any change in the anchor text of your link. That means you don’t have to manually double-check that your link partner is holding up their end of the deal.

Anchor text and URL information that you added:


Later, Raven’s automatic link monitoring tells you if the URL and the anchor text still match:


2. Age of the link

Raven keeps track of the date you added the link to the Link Manager. If you use Google Analytics to auto-import links referring to your site (go to Metrics > Google Analytics > Customize Tool), then you’ll have a pretty good estimate of the age of the link.

Here’s where to change the GA auto-import setting:


And here’s what the date looks like in the Link Manager:


But one of the best features of Raven’s link clips is the documented history of link checks. For up to nine months, we’ll document the key metrics about your links (discussed throughout this post) and include historical high-resolution, detailed thumbnails of each link. That means you’re fully equipped for any argument about changes that have been made to a link you set up.


3. Type of link and surrounding text

Now that you can see an above-the-fold thumbnail of the page and a detail image of your link on that page, you can easily get an idea of the type of link and the text surrounding it. Is is a link in the content, in the first paragraph or second? Is the link in the header or footer? Is it an advertisement you’re paying for? The highly visual link clips are great ways to show the value of the links to management and clients.

Above-the-fold thumbnail:


Detail view:


JavaScript and hidden links

Raven can now detect links within JavaScript on the page, such as Facebook comments on a blog.


It also allows us to record if the link is normally hidden through CSS (and you can still see if a link is nofollow).


So whether your new backlink is text-based, image-based, hidden or embedded in JavaScript, we can still monitor it for you.

4. Number of outbound links

The new link clips feature analyzes the entire web page your link is on. Raven tracks exactly how many outgoing links exist on the page and where your link falls into place among them. Is your link 1 out of 10, or 1 out of 100? Even better, Raven will tell you whether your link’s position is 7 out of 10, or 74 out of 100.


5. Location of link

Some professional SEOs believe there is value in link placement, and so Raven provides you with the exact pixel location…


…and page quadrant of your link.


Remember, Raven monitors these link value factors — plus others, such as mozRank and mozAuthority — but you have to set up the monitoring. Go to Links > Link Manager > Link Monitoring button to adjust your settings.


What else are you using Raven’s link clips and link check history for? Let us know in the comments.

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