25 SEO and social tips from SearchLove

25 SEO and social tips from SearchLove

Couldn’t make it to London for SearchLove, Distilled’s SEO conference? I have you covered with this breakdown of highlights from all of today’s sessions. SearchLove presenters had extremely great content, with plenty of actionable data for the SEO community.


Everything’s easier with fans

Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz

  • Every piece of content earns links. If the community already exists, the links build themselves.
  • There are many ways to build community…social news, content platforms, content curation sites, but if you’re just getting going, a blog is the best way to go. From then, you can build the community.
  • Community should only be built to serve the community, not to serve you.

Big business SEO

Tom Critchlow, VP of Operations, Distilled

  • Want to land an enterprise client? Think as big as possible. Zappos has 50,000 product videos. Think that big, and pitch it.
  • Educate your entire organization about SEO in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Use a C-level executive’s LinkedIn account to reach out to the right people. Business development is great link building.
  • For enterprise clients, their industry is not static. You should constantly keep up and report on industry trends.

The next level of social integration

Mat Clayton, CTO and Co-Founder, Mixcloud

  • In regards to the outcry for a “dislike” button in Facebook: “Negativity within a community really has no place.”
  • Density is king. People need to feel like they have friends, that they are a part of a large community.
  • Passive users are the bulk of any system.
  • Use an app like “Face Pile.” Photos of people’s friends to drive traffic to content. People trust their friends’ recommendations.

The modern SEO’s toolkit

Will Critchlow, Founder, Distilled

  • You need to be able to think quickly and solve problems with not only the tools that are out there, but some you create yourselves. Think about the kids, and how they are going to bypass us with skills soon.
  • If the Twitter fire hose is too expensive for you, try using the free garden hose. Not all of the data, but probably enough to create some useful tools for yourself if you wish.
  • It’s in your best interest to learn bits of coding language. You can communicate better with your team, and it will help you think outside the box a bit and do the best job you can.

Social media: are you keeping up with the Joneses?

Joanna Lord, VP Customer Acquisition, SEOmoz

  • Your competitors are probably not putting an emphasis on social growth month over month. Since they aren’t, you should.
  • Are your competitors doing a lot of Facebook advertising? That means they are spending A LOT of money, and they are all in. The Facebook advertising management system is cumbersome and requires a lot of time. Time = money.
  • Use Linkedin to see how competitors are setting up company structure, and whether or not they are in good shape and worth worrying about.

Outreach: is it all about hustle?

Rob Ousbey, VP of Operations, Distilled

  • Priorities for outreach: identify (blogger) targets, do competitive analysis (hello MajesticSEO powered Site Finder and Backlink Explorer!), and make contact (be human about it!!). Connect with potential link prospects on various social networks, make the connection more meaningful.
  • The makeup of the best link builders: curiosity, creativity, ingenuity, internet savvy and fluency.
  • When pitching a journalist, they’ll always say no first. Be persistent, and stay on their radar.
  • Treat your VIPs well. Keep in touch, flatter them, give them things that will benefit you.
  • The priority of outreach? Building relationships.

Your content strategy is a part of your link building strategy

Wil Reynolds, CEO, SEER Interactive

  • For content ideas, use Google product suggest for some different and more relevant content.
  • Is someone actually looking for your content? Be sure and research before you just implement a content strategy.
  • Use infographics to replace long pieces of content that no one wants to read. A very easy thing to build links to.

Photo courtesy of Flickr’s _Nezemnaya_.