16 Coolest New Features In Mac OS X 10.5 That You Didn't Know About


16 Coolest New Features In Mac OS X 10.5 That You Didn’t Know About

By now, everyone has heard about the major new features in Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 — code-named Leopard. However, there are several little known new features that are actually quite cool. I’ve compiled a list the sixteen coolest little known new features of Mac OS X 10.5.

1. OpenDocument and Word 2007 Formats

Take advantage of TextEdit support for the Word 2007 and OpenDocument formats for reading and writing.

2. Workspaces

Save the configuration of all your open windows as a workspace. The location, window settings, and shell configurations of multiple windows can then be recalled instantly.

3. Mac Sync for System Preferences

Get yourself a .Mac account and your System Preferences can stay in sync across all your Macs. No matter what Mac you use, you’ll feel right at home.

4. Guest Log-In Accounts

Allow anyone to surf the web and check email as a guest on your Mac. When they log out of the guest account, Mac OS X purges the account, removing any trace of their activity. So each time someone logs in as a guest, he or she gets a fresh, unused account.

5. Grammar Check

Let your grammar set a shining example. A built-in English language grammar checker helps ensure that you don’t make errors in grammar.

6. Scroll Non-Active Windows

Scroll any open window, even if it’s not active. Simply position your mouse over the target window and scroll.

7. Printer Drivers via Software Update

Make sure you always have the latest printer drivers. Download directly to your system using the familiar capabilities of Software Update.

8. PDF Manipulation in Preview

Re-create your PDF as you like. Move individual pages around, or remove pages altogether. You can even combine PDFs with a simple drag and drop.

9. Self-Tuning TCP

Let Leopard adjust TCP buffer size automatically. Get optimum application performance, especially in high-bandwidth/high-latency environments.

10. Archive Mailbox

Create an archive of your mailbox to back up important messages or to transfer your mail to another computer.

11. SMS Forwarding

Register for AOL’s Mobile Forwarding service and receive instant messages on your phone when you’re away from your computer.

12. Event Dropbox

Share the information you need for a successful meeting. Simply drag photos, video, or any kind of document into an event. Send email invitations to attendees and your attachments go along for the ride.

13. Font Auto-Activation

Automatically activate fonts as you need them. When an application requests an installed font that’s currently disabled, Leopard activates that font and keeps it active until the requesting application quits.

14. Instant Screen Sharing from the Finder

Start an interactive screen sharing session with other Macs on your network. Just select the Mac from your sidebar and (if authorized) you can see and control the Mac as if you were right in front of it. Change a system preference, publish an iPhoto library, or add a new playlist to iTunes.

15. Wikipedia in Dictionary

Harness the power of Wikipedia when you’re connected to the Internet — built right into its Dictionary. You get a great Mac OS X user interface with super-fast searching and beautifully laid out-results.

16. Synchronize with Yahoo!

Synchronize Address Book on your Mac with your Yahoo! address book. Just enter your Yahoo! account information in Address Book preferences to get started.

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