12 lessons from PubCon

12 lessons from PubCon

Soon, we’ll share photos and videos from our company trip to PubCon Las Vegas 2010. For your reading pleasure in the meantime, I asked everyone, “What’s the one big thing you learned at PubCon?”

Jeff Crump: “There are lots of very interesting people who go to PubCon, and one creepy dude. You know who you are. Also, T-shirt swag has the same effect on PubCon attendees as blood does to sharks. ‘Feeding frenzy’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

Patrick Keeble: “I play my best poker half asleep after midnight.”

Jon Henshaw: “I learned that pacing yourself, not drinking too much and getting sufficient sleep, is a good thing. It’s something I’ve never experienced at PubCon until this year, but I like the fact that my body wasn’t shaking on the plane ride home, and that I don’t have a two-week recovery time. My wife likes this, too.”

Taylor Pratt Rides The Bull

Taylor Pratt of Raven Tools keeps his seat on Gilley's mechanical bull for at least 16.2 seconds. (Alison Groves/Raven Tools)

Taylor Pratt: “With a little liquid courage, SEOs are FEARLESS bull riders. Our PubCon party was at Gilley’s in Treasure Island (a country bar), and I chose that location because of the mechanical bull. I was a little worried that people wouldn’t be up to the challenge, but after Nate kicked things off, there was never a dull moment. Topher Kohan was without a doubt my favorite bull rider.”

Alison Groves: “I like silk robes. The Wynn is considerate to make the inside cotton, so when you’re wet it doesn’t soak through. The hairdryer is really good. But the shampoo and conditioner are awful.”

Scott Holdren: “Two pair on the flop can be counterfeited by a higher board pair.”

Nate Griffin: “Ride the bull the first time, you better ride it again. Because no one will remember. I broke the ice and it was a thankless job. My arm still hurts from that. Granted, I AM an only child. If Mrs. Griffin was there, I doubt she would have let Mrs. Griffin’s baby boy get on that.”

Irene Phelps: “You never know what to expect as a first-time comer. I usually don’t see people face-to-face. It’s different. You’re solving problems via email versus talking about a product. My throat hurts.”

Phil Dier: “Someone said I attended the most sessions out of our group, so I definitely picked up some knowledge. I learned some interesting keyword research techniques from Marty Weintraub‘s presentation that I’m going to incorporate into a new keyword research tool that may find its way into Raven. I had a great time talking to all the folks who came by the booth and getting a feel for the different ways that people put together campaigns. Also, absinthe is magical.”

Jason Tan: “I learned that David Pogue can play the piano. And we should have ordered double-padded carpet. I’m glad we got this interview out of the way.”

Alison Dangles Balls With Arienne

Alison Groves, left, and Arienne Holland of Raven Tools get cozy with the top bull-riding prize, stainless steel truck nutz. The winner was Sean Dolan, though we hear his bride Rae Hoffman-Dolan plans to hang them up. (Taylor Pratt/Raven Tools)

Arienne Holland: “Every presenter I heard mentioned the importance of original content, so I’m thinking my career prospects look good. Also, stainless steel testicles are my favorite Raven giveaway to date.”

Greg Jones: “The one big thing I learned at PubCon was that the whole link management stuff is very shady. And there’s a lot of spammers here. You should create more of a face and a relationship with your customers. One big thing about Las Vegas: sensory overload. Everything smells. There’s lights and music and everything’s flashing.”

Isaac Van Name (who had to stay home to care for his son):

  • “When the software goes down, it’s time to take a smoke break.”
  • “A hangover at home is not nearly as fun as a hangover in Vegas.”
  • “Staying home prevents an accidental stripper wake-up call (usually).”
  • “I need to work from home more often. I get more done in my boxers.”
  • “Disney XD is a pretty awesome TV channel to have on while coding.”
  • “My dog really does have the life; if she could write PHP, she’d have a job, too.”
  • Twetchup was actually a useful tool for keeping up with PubCon, even not being there.”
  • “Staying home prevents TSA molestation of my junk at the airport.”
Arienne Holland

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

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