10 Ways to Build Links Without Buying Them


10 Ways to Build Links Without Buying Them

With the Google PageRank and the selling of links furor finally subsiding, I thought it would be a good time to take a quick look at organic link strategy. Since organic links are still the best way to improve SERPs and increase traffic to a website, it’s important to make organic linking a major component of your SEO campaigns.

Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal posted an article about 10 ways to build links without buying them.

10 Ways to Build Links — Organically

  1. People Love Lists and Linkbait
  2. Get Social Bookmarking!
  3. Blog for Links
  4. News and Syndication Build Fresh Links
  5. Directories Will Help Create Links
  6. Network With Your Local Community
  7. Review Products or Businesses
  8. Link Trading Works
  9. Experts
  10. People Love Contests and Freebies

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